Saturday, November 30, 2013

Red Light Special........

Red is the most emotionally intense color. It symbolizes willpower, rage, anger, leadership, passion, and of course love. This is all according to the color wheel of psychology. If I had to describe myself this day using one of these emotions, I would say I was feeling passionate, but I do feel this way everyday regardless of what color I wear. Anyway, my red textured crop sweater is from H&M, pencil skirt is from American Apparel, and my black patent leather pumps are from Nine West.  

Note* For those of you who are from Jersey, the new H&M that just opened up inside the Bergen Mall is nothing spectacular. Unless you have simple style, there was nothing that caught my eye. I think it might be good for men and children. The best H&M locations in the tristate area are 5th Ave and West34th in NYC. The one in Garden State Plaza Mall in Jersey is pretty good too.

Necklace: H&M

And here is my sister wearing yet another adorable A-line military coat from Bebe. My  vintage faux fur coat was gifted from my grandmother.

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