Sunday, December 8, 2013

The City Rack vs SheekShat

A few weeks ago I was online shopping and saw this dress on an online boutique called SheekShat. I really loved it but thought it was ridiculous that they would charge $110 for a dress that is 95% polyester. I study garments for a living so I am pretty knowledgeable about costs, qualities, and  the labor that goes into designing processes. Polyester is one of the most inexpensive fabrics in the textile industry, and is commonly found in everyone's closet.
A few days later, I visited another online boutique based out of United Kingdom called The City Rack and found the same dress for $44! This price was so much more reasonable and was satisfied with the overall quality when it came in the mail.


The City Rack (click here to shop)

The dress came with a removable necklace. If you wanted to glam it up or take it down a notch, you had the option to do so. I also thought this was a genius idea for cleaning purposes. 

I wore it out for my girlfriend's birthday last night too. Her dress is super cute. She got from Lord & Taylors on the clearance rack for $30.

My sister wore a simple black dress from Asos.

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